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About Us

Exheal Health was incorporated in 2019 with aim of providing software solution to individuals and corporate organizations. the company later decided to concentrate on health tech solutions ranging from pharmacies, clinics, hospitals, laboratory, private organizations and government providing them with health tech solutions which will help them in managing, maintaining and securing health records. This has led to the birth of our first Hospital Information Management System(HIMS/EMR) to enable the company concentrate on it’s core competence - ICT Solutions for Health Sectors. Exheal System has been in existence for more than 2 years and has proven to be very robust, flexible, secured and effective. at the moment that over 50 clients in different part of the country have benefitted from product and services provided by us. our client base cut across private and public health bodies, pharmacies, clinics, hospitals and health organizations who value our products and services. We also strive hard to be constantly innovative in order to keep up to date with the information and communication technology age despite its rapid changes over short period of time.


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Our core values



Our prodcts ans services are affordable because we help you Save Money by paying only for staff that use the software.



Our products and services are designed with simplicity in mind, to meet people wherever they are and add value to their operations.



Entrenched problems require creativity to solve them, and we are up to the task. We take on the biggest challenges in healthcare with resourcefulness, passion and extreme attention to detail.



We believe excellent healthcare for all Africans is within reach. Thus, we look beyond staggering limitations, take smart risks and make tough decisions in fearless pursuit of this future.